How to get rid of your prominent jaw line

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Hello girls…
Do you ever have nicknames given to you?

For me, my boyfriend gave me cute names like Jiggly Puff and Chipmunk.

Aww…they are so cute right?! Look at their big round eyes and their BIG ROUND CHEEKS. =.=

Yes and these description totally fits my bill.
Poor me. Why do I suffer from chubby cheeks?

Years ago … when I was still in Polytechnic, I look like this.
Omegodwtfbbq. How did this happened?!

I have baby fats to begin with but my face contour got worsen and my face became reallly SQUARISH looking. Look like there is something inside my mouth when there isn’t!

This is my face shape now. Still chubby but at least I could see a V shape.
The V shape is even more obvious when I smile.  So at least I’m now a prettier jiggly puff. =.=

Besides water retention, it is traditionally believed that the cause of a prominent jaw line is an oversized jaw bone. However, according to plastic surgeons, the facial bone structure would not affect the overall size of a face significantly. An angular jaw line is more often due to the thickness of inner chewing muscles, which results in the protrusion of facial cartilages that causes undesirable jaw lines.

Recently, I was given 2 boxes of 2B alternative For Face to review and try.

This serum is like GOD-SENT! It is said to be able to SHRINK MY FACE, reduce my CHEWING MUSCLE, DOUBLE CHIN and DROSPY FACE!

It is Hong Kong’s No.1 Slimming Product!

You’ll find 2 7ml serum bottle inside unfixed. Actually I have a little problem trying to fix the bottle.

This is how the bottle looks like after being fixed.

The texture of this product is like water, not greasy or oily and it gets absorbed into my skin really quick, leaving a velvety finish on my skin.

All I need is just 2 drops of this magic potion on my each side of my jawline plus upward motion massage every night before I sleep to get my face smaller.

I did a measurement after 3 weeks of usage and was surprised to see my original measurement of 11cm dropped to 10cm!
That’s totally AMAZING.

What’s more? I’m already seeing results even without completing the whole treatment (3 boxes/6 bottles). It’s like botox effect without any needles!

So what kind of magical ingredients does this serum contains?

When I applied this serum onto my skin, I feel an immediate jaw tightening reaction and I can see my jaw becoming slimmer as days go by. Even friends noticed my slimmer cheek!

Halleluiah, my prominent jaw line is saved!!

Tips for you if you want sharper jaw line:
1. Do not chew so often.
2. Use a slimming product like 2B alternative for face.

Okay..not really tips luh. No shortcuts to having slimmer jawline!

You can buy 2B alternative for face from Guardian Pharmacy Outlets or from Qoo10 here
For more information, please check out their website here.

Check out my video review … (though not much difference from my blog post)


47 thoughts on “How to get rid of your prominent jaw line

    1. Normal chewing of food is okay. But try not to snack so much. Like me I always eat peanuts, chips and all so my chewing increases. haha!

  1. i read on the website that the places where we apply the serum cannot be injured or broken. so does that mean i cant use it? because i have acne prone skin and i like to pop my acnes and pimples so my skin is usually broken.

  2. i read on the website that the places where we apply the serum cannot be injured or broken. so does that mean i cant use it? because i have acne prone skin and i like to pop my acnes and pimples so my skin is usually broken.

  3. Does this really help a drospy face? I was thinking of buying this for my mum because she’s really insecure about her cheeks that are dropping even tough she’s still young

  4. You said three boxes for it to last permanently? So what if I’m content with how small my jaw has become using only one box? Will it get smaller than it already has if I used two more to make it permanent?

    1. nope it will not. i didn’t use up 3 boxes too. I also only used 1 box and stopped using. You can use it subsequently as maintenance ….no need to be too regular in applying too.

  5. Hi I would like to know where can I get this product in Malaysia?? And does it honestly have any side effects??

  6. Im a guy and have finished 6 bottles already…and soo satisfied with the result..since my face have this “shrinked”appearance”already in a good way”” before very2 chubby..i must say it does a total face contour, my nose become more emphasized and my face is really became “v”.haha, will really continue using..just have patience..

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