Liese New Bubble Hair Dye (Antique Rose) Review

Hello girls, it’s been almost a week since I dyed my hair with Liese’s new bubble hair colour in Antique Rose.

Note: This is a DARK hair colour, so it won’t work on black hair as you will not be able to see the difference. But if you have light hair colour and you wish to go darker now, you will love this bubble hair dye.

This is my hair colour before I did the dye.
Lots of blonde highlights …

And this was how the colour looks like on the first dye of dye.

Almost looking like black hair, except with a little tinge of red when sunlight hits my hair.

And this is how my hair colour looks like after almost a week of washing my hair.

You can see the difference between all black (my shirt) and this.

Another view …

Generally the dye is quite even but my black roots remains darker than the rest of my hair which I do not blame the dye for this is how it is for all D.I.Y job.

Trying to cam-whore with my 2B alternative for face. LOL. But I thought I would show you this picture to let you see my hair colour. Subtle soft black hair which I like!

I like how the bubble hair dye works because it is so easy to D.I.Y now.
However I did not get the desired foam effect when I was applying the dye; I might have shook the bottle too much. Nonetheless, my hair is still quite evenly dyed and all my blonde streaks are gone for good now!

The ammonia smell wasn’t that unbearable as compared to the very first time I used when they first launch in Singapore. But this ammonia smell will probably stick around with you for 1 to 2 days.

I felt that this hair dye did not dry out my hair at all. It contains Royal Jelly that can help to nourish my hair and they have also included a small pack of conditioner treatment for you to use after the dye job. But I felt that the treatment pack is not enough, so I applied my own hair mask from Essential thereafter. I continued to use hair mask for 2 consecutive days so as to regain the moisture in my hair.
(This is afterall still a chemical, hence I have to take extra care and make sure my hair doesn’t become dry.)

This new hair dye is said to be able to cover gray hair which I’m not too sure cos I do not have any gray hair.

My sister said my hair seemed softer and not so stiff with this hair colour and my boyfriend said my hair looks healthier!

Overall I’m satisfied with this bubble hair dye! 🙂


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