Intriguing ordering method

Was at Genki Sushi yesterday!

It was to meet up with one of my favourite friend Hui Jun! :>
She had wanted to bring me to a Korean place for dinner but somehow we ended up having Japanese food instead! hahaha!

It was my first visit to Genki Sushi and I’m really intrigued with their ordering method. Too darn cute!

We had to order through this thing above and confirm our orders via the “train” you see at the bottom of the screen.

Hui Jun fiddling with the orders …

And then our order came in a train!

This is the empty train which will take off as soon as we took down the dishes and press the bell at our seat.

We actually ordered quite a bit of sushi and these are just some of them.

I think their sushi is really fresh and I really like the seaweed that they used. So much more crispy than the ones used at Sakae. Our bill added up to a total of around $39 which was quite affordable and there was 10% discount using DBS POSB card!

After our satisfying meal, we proceed onto Old Town White Coffee for a cup of drink and the caffeine made me sleepless for the night again. =.=

I needa stop drinking coffee at night again!

P/S: Thanks girl for walking round Takashimaya just to search for my loose powder with me and the little gift you got for me at Korea! hehe. šŸ™‚


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