My current Iphone Casing


Recently I think I’ve been really lucky for I have sponsored items ALL THE WAY FROM HONG KONG!


And this time round, I got sponsored the Iphone Casings from Femme De Pivot!

Me love my iphone very much.
@Zodiacfacts says the best gadget for an Aries is the IPHONE because I can do many tasks at a go.
This is true I guess because I’m always found on my phone listening to music, playing games, checking mails, readings etc ….

So an Iphone Casing is definitely essential for me! Must protect my phone from any scratches!

I chose the above 2 designs from the Sweet Memory collection.

The desgins are very sweet and especially made for the ladies. They believe mobile phone accessories can be exquisitely feminine. So if you like girlish and feminine designs, you probably should check out femme de pivot.

I super loveee the material. Soft and very nice to touch.

My friends all agreed that the design and material is really exquisite. The picture is not those printed on kind …. it is sort of transparent without the case. Erm, I’m not sure if you understand me. lol.

Here’s how it looks like on the front. Super chio right? Cos I got pretty wallpapers.
And these wallpapers are from Femme De Pivot Iphone App!

Pretty designs not just on the outer, but on the inside as well!
Femme De Pivot is so thoughtful!

Not only that, Femme De Pivot sells pretty screen protector too!
Goodbye to the mundane old and boring plain ones.

The packaging …
It comes with a cloth for you to wipe your screen as well!

Can see or not? The roses design on my phone …

And at the back as well!

Besides the Iphone, Femme De Pivot has casings for Ipad, Blackberry and DSLR as well!
So do check out their website here.

Thank you Femme De Pivot!


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