A treat from me!

After the Shisedo’s peeps brought us to have dinner at Empire State, I decided to bring Prawn there for dinner!
My treat cos I promised to give him a treat if he pass his running! πŸ™‚

The waiter gave us the cosy seat though there were only two of us. How nice!
Oh and we kept saying that the waiter looks really fit and quite a looker!

In my glasses because my left eye was a little red. Though I definitely look better without glasses, I actually don’t think that I look ugly in them.

What kind of glasses do you all like wearing?
I like wearing thicker frames and colours. Tried Orange, Red and the blue above. Might be going for grey or purple next time?

Prawn’s huge serving!

And it’s really omg damm huge!

See!!! Like almost the size of his face lor. I bet it’ll look gigantic beside me.

My fried grilled chicken chop. The mash potato is A LOT!

I think this is a great place to dine at!
And I just saw this status on Za-cosmetic’s facebook page:

Enjoy 1 for 1 dining at Empire State at Iluma with your girlfriend! Simply email us at zabeautyschool@shiseido.com.sg to enjoy this exclusive deal where you get to enjoy a free makeover and demo from us! πŸ™‚

Go check it out! #JustSharing

Lastly ending off with a huge picture of me because I’m having a good skin day! :>


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