If only

The world around us keeps changing and I keep moving on.
Then, there were no Marina Bay Sands, no Flyers, no Universal Studios, but now, things changes just like how I’m no longer 17 or 18.

Lately, I’ve been reminiscing on my life a lot, on how my life used to be before I step into University education and how everything seems like a dream. Dreams were bigger back then.

I used to hate the kind of stress I put myself in. But when everything ended and knowing that I survived, I know I am proud of it and happy that all the laughter and tears are well, worth it.

Today, my life seems to be taking a slower pace. The emotional part of my learning journey isn’t as huge. I don’t laugh loudly and I don’t tear anymore. Perhaps I’m tired. Perhaps this is part of growing up. If I were to draw a graph chart, the points on x axis will almost be equivalent to that of the y axis.

Sometimes I’m glad that I have more time to myself, more time to do what I want to do. But other times, I felt there could be more to it … if only I allowed myself to do it.


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