Woes of having super long hair

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Sometimes when you look back at your own Facebook account, you’ll be amazed by some of the pictures you were tagged in.

I happened to browse through and saw this picture which was taken quite a few years back. Back then, my hair was SUPER long. I’ve never thought about having hair this long since I was a short-haired girl since I was young till I completed my Secondary/Poly education. I think it could have reached my waist if I’ve rebonded my hair that time.

There were many reasons why I didn’t keep the length at that point of time.

1. My hair belongs to the thick and unruly kind. The kind where I have to have the LUCK in order to tame my hair.

2. Due to it’s thick nature, I couldn’t let down all of my hair without looking like a lioness and more so when it is permed. (This is also why my permed hair lasted me for very very long!)

3. The hair was so heavy and long that it hinders the way I dress and carry my bag. Half the time I’m concern about whether the details on my dress can be seen cos it’d most probably be covered up by my hair. -.- And I’m sure all girls with long hair have problems carrying the shoulder tote without kiapping your hair.

4. I dropped too much hair than I thought I should. All I do everyday is to sweep my floor.

5. Frizzy and dry hair. Too much chemical  on my hair has caused to become weak, frizzy and dry.

6. Use too much shampoo and conditioner. -.-

So I’ve always been in the search for the BEST haircare products that can tame and protect my hair! So far, I’ve been impressed by Essential and Sunsilk Silky Straight and I’m glad that this time round I have the chance to try Style Aromatherapy!

This was the intensive repair range of products from Style Aromatherapy delivered to me. They are suitable for people with dry/thick/badly damaged hair.

First, I begin with their Shampoo and Conditioner.
Among these 2 products, I love the shampoo the most!

This shampoo cleanses, protects and strengthens. With Burdock Extract and Dead Sea Minerals, it leaves hair for easier styling and of course smelling great!

Very often when we wash our hair without conditioner, our hair still feels dry. But with this shampoo, even without conditioner my hair feels soft and great too!
Only problem is I don’t seem to get much foam out of this product. Hence, I always have to use about 2 50-cents amount in order to get the lather work. With other shampoos, my hair normally itch and I get dandruff easily. But this product didn’t make my hair itch, neither does it produce more dandruff!

However, I’m not so impress with their conditioner for I felt that it wasn’t moisturizing enough for my badly damaged hair. However, if you don’t have that damaged hair, you might like it! It has got a light texture which is great for everyday use.

If you got the time to spare, try doing hair mask! Leave it on for as long as you can and your hair will emerge shinier and softer. I haven’t tried this mask yet cos I’m still trying to finish my current tub of mask.
But I love how big tub this mask is!

Left: Leave in Hair Moisturizer
Right: Hair serum

The leave in hair moisturizer is created to promote softness and flexibility. It makes for easy styling while protecting against UV and chemicals. Work it through the hair and it will help fix your style of choice!

This is how the moisturizer looks like when pumped out. The texture is thick and heavy. I wouldn’t use this everyday for I find this to be a little too heavy for my liking. I find that it will weigh my hair down more.

However, if I have really bad hair day or am going to use any heat on my hair, this product will be my top choice as it smoothes and tames the frizz.

On other days when I don’t need such protection, I use the serum instead.
This serum may seem to be a little oily but it gets absorbed into the hair strands pretty easily!

This is my hair before I get serious with hair care. Everyone who saw me told me how badly damaged my hair was. And that hurts you know!

And this is my hair after using good hair products!

I strongly believe that your hair can still be saved, nourished and moisturized as long as there are no split ends yet.

Tip: Use hair mask EVERYDAY if you are experiencing badly damaged hair like mine in the before picture. It does help ALOT! That’s how I regain my hair moisture back slowly. 🙂

Good luck. If you are interested in Style Aromatherapy’s products, you can find them at Guardian.


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