Cantonese Themed Restaurant

Sissy and I were in frames today as we wasn’t heading to any beauty events.
We were heading for a FOOD TASTING session! Not my first food tasting, but definitely my first as a blogger.

Heheh. They say 能吃是福 so I totally have no reasons to reject the invitation by Overseas Restaurant.

Okay so this restaurant is located at Shaw Towers. Quite accessible I would say.

Here’s a quick introduction about this restaurant.
At the look of the pictures above, you would have tell that this is a Chinese Restaurant. Yup, but the thing is that it is a Malaysia Cantonese-themed restaurant which has been there for many years and have been receiving good reviews about their food. They are famous for their Char Siew and Roast Duck.

And many were excited to know that they decided to open a branch in Singapore!

When asked if there would be any difference from the Malaysia’s outlet, they said there will be slight difference due to differing raw ingredients and different group of customers that they are serving.

Now ….onto the mouth watering part! If you are hungry, please read so you will know where to head next. LOL.

The first dish that was served to us was the special and famous Char Siew. Made with streaky pork which is the most tender part of a pork, the Char Siew melts in my mouth as soon as I put them in. And the sauce that accompanies the Char Siew was sweet enough to let me crave for more than just a bite.

And because they are using the traditional method of making the Char Siew, the quantity that they can produce is in demand, so you will have to pre-order this dish.

Next, each of us were served with a bowl of double-boiled dried seafood in supreme soup.

According to Overseas Restaurant, this is an alternative to Buddha jumps over the wall (佛跳墙).

I love soups, what’s more …..

A soup with plenty of ingredients?!
This soup contains mushrooms, sea cucumbers, chicken feet, chicken meat, dried scallop and chestnut.

The ingredients were huge in portion and the soup simply tasted heavenly!

I’m definitely enjoying my bowl of soup. And look at the background of the wall, so nice right?!

Next, we were served the Peking Duck.

Unlike the commonly tasted Peking Duck, this version has a twist to it.

It’s not just the skin that you are eating, but along with the skin was the toufu skin, duck meat and plain bun, just like a small peking duck hamburger.

The duck skin was SOOO CRISPY that you could literally hear the sound of chewing and the sauce that goes along with this dish simply makes the taste sweeter.

The fourth on the list was the Steamed Soon Hock Fish.
And you probably cannot tell from the picture, but this fish weighs a total of 1.6kg!!! The normal big fish in Singapore is only 1kg and this is 0.6kg more!

The meat was tender, fresh and smooth. Definitely thumbs up for this dish!

Oh and show you a picture of busy bloggers at work! *Snap Snap Snap*
And we can only eat after everyone managed to snap a photo. HAHA!
Can you spot Yina and Verlyn?

This is their baked tiger king prawns.

It is a messy dish to eat with your hands but the taste is sweet and the prawn is HUGE and FRESH. Love it.

This was the salted pork belly with salted fish.

A great dish to go along with a bowl of rice or porridge!

I love this dish – Braised Toufu with Petola!
The toufu is soooo smooth and fresh  and tasted sweet with the sauce accompanied it. A simple but great dish.

This dish is a little special…it is young kai lan cooked in two ways. You wouldn’t have guessed that the leaves were fried and they are not seaweed but kai lan!
The sound is super crispy that everyone in the room could hear it. With the combination of silver fish, this dish has a unique crispiness and saltiness taste to it.

A fan of fried rice? Try their special fried rice. To put it simply, it is 饭炒饭。As you eat, you probably would notice a crispy ingredient in it. When asked what it was, Overseas Restaurant told us that it was actually the charred rice that we love eating from claypot rice. Love it? Definitely!

Last but not least, we had double boiled papaya with almond seeds and plum jelly as dessert. This is a hot dessert and I love it!

A closer look of the soup. It has a distinctive taste that I wasn’t able to recognize. And the plum jelly is said to have high nutritional value too!

Oh yeah since the lantern festival is here, let’s try out their mooncakes as well!
I particularly love the first two snowskin mooncakes on the picture; chocolate and green bean/green pea (?).
They don’t taste like the traditional mooncakes at all! YUMMS!

They have set menus planned for 2, 4, 6 or 10 pax! Here’s the menu for 4 pax and 2 pax.

Lastly a group picture of the bloggers! Thank you Overseas Restaurant for the great hospitality!

Overseas Restaurant is definitely a great place to bring your parents to!
Here’s the address: 100 Beach Road, #01-27 Shaw Leisure Gallery, Shaw Towers Singapore

Head over to Shaw Leisure Gallery’s FB page for exciting giveaways!


**This is a food tasting session organized by Overseas Restaurant and TheSampleStore**


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