Which is my perfect eyeliner?

What is your makeup essential?
Which item would you pick if you can only leave the house with one item?

Many girls I know would almost never leave the house without an eyeliner.

An eyeliner when drawn correctly can make your eyes appear bigger and brighter.
My makeup essential used to be an eyeliner too, but now I can do without. Let’s just say my makeup essential is now the eyebrows or the mascara that can frame the face or perk up one’s look.

Nonetheless, if I have to go for any parties or event, I would never ever leave out the use of an eyeliner.

So these are my collection of eyeliners that I’ve accumulated thus far. They are mostly liquid ones or crayon ones. I never like using pencil eyeliners because they smudge on me too easily.

Therefore, when choosing an eyeliner, it is best that you swatch it on your hands and test whether it is going to be water-proof, smudge proof and oil proof. Especially for people who have active tears glands and oily lids like me.

Oh yes, I did not purchase all the eyeliners on my own except for the Maybelline Impact Smooth Felt Liner. The rest of them were either given to me as gifts or as goodies given by various companies. (Yeah, being a blogger saved me a lot of moolahs!)

Here’s a swatch of ALL the eyeliners I’m using now.

From left to right:
K Palette 24H Real Lasting eyeliner (brown)
Kate Cosmetics super sharp liner
Pink Brown Eyeliner
Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner
Maybelline Impact Express Smooth Felt Liner
Maybelline Eyestudio 2-in-1 impact shadow liner (brown)
Bebe Poshe dazzling eye pencil
Majolica Majorca Jewelling Pencil (PK204)
Maybelline eyestudio 2 in 1 impact shadow liner (white pearl)
Arezian diamond liquid eyeliner (Sliver)
Arezian diamond liquid eyeliner (Gold)
Topshop Crayon in midnight blue

These are the colour eyeliners I have. They are great as an eyeshadow for they are super pigmented or as an eyeshadow liner that blends really well with other eyeshadows you have.

For a bright eye look, I normally love using Majolica Majorca Jewelling Pencil (PK204) and Maybelline eyestudio 2 in 1 impact shadow liner (white pearl) at the inner corner of my eyes.

For an elaborate party look, I love to glam up my eyemakeup with the glittering eyeliners I have. (Gold and Sliver). Oh and they are great to create tears like effect if you apply them on your lashes too! The ones I got can be found at SaSa.

To replace the normal black eyeliners, try Topshop Crayon in midnight blue and Bebe Poshe dazzling eye pencil. They are subtle but dazzling with all the sparkles. I super love the Topshop eyeliner for its beautiful colour.

These are the basic eyeliners for everyday makeup. I normally use liquid ones because they are more lasting and I can draw super thin lines using them.

For everyday school looks, I love using brown eyeliners. Black eyeliners are often harsh looking and fierce. But brown eyeliners soften the eye makeup yet giving definition to the eyes. It is also a great colour for people who have extremely huge eyes and who found black eyeliners too elaborate for them. Pink Brown Eyeliner might be a tad too light but K Palette’s 24 hr long lasting liner is the perfect choice for me!

On weekends however, I love using the black eyeliners as my eyes will literally pop with them. Black eyeliners look good on photos too!

So let’s get my eyeliners tested!

Test 1: Rub test.

I tried rubbing the eyeliners and the ones that came off quite a bit were Topshop Crayon in midnight blue and Majolica Majorca Jewelling Pencil (PK204).
Though they were my favourite colours to use, they are not smudge proof. So you probably have to reconsider if you want to use them as an eyeshadow.

Test 2: Water Test

I sprinkled water on the swatches all of them faded especially the shadow liners and Maybelline Smooth Felt Express Liner and Perfect Majolica Majorca Automatic eyeliner.

Now, I really dislike Majolica Majorca Automatic eyeliner. Why? Because the liquid is so runny that I’m unable to control the amount that oozes out from the eyeliner. I think I never use it more than twice.

Test 3: Oil Test

For this test, I used Olive Oil since olive oil doesn’t remove my eyemakeup that thoroughly, hence I think it is ok to test using it. (But on second thought, I think I’m wrong.)
The best way to test is actually to use your own facial oil (like from your nose etc) but I just washed my face so no oil to use. lol.

Anw, the result shows that all my colour eyeliners faded like nobody’s business. But my black and brown eyeliners are still there, even though they did turn more faint.

Test 4: Cleansing Oil Test

This is to test which eyeliners are so stubborn that they can’t be removed.
Answer? Kate Cosmetic Super Sharp Liner.

This is another dislike product for me. Why? Firstly, if you notice my initial swatch, the eyeliner disperse outwards into my fine lines. Secondly, they can’t be removed totally!! There’s still visible faint lines despite rubbing them hard with cleansing oil.

So I hope you learn something from this blog post and choose your own eyeliners wisely. For me, the best eyeliner out of the whole lot would be K Palette 24 h long lasting eyeliner in Brown. And I’m still searching for the perfect one in black. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Which is my perfect eyeliner?

    1. Yeah! I used to use them but later on find it a hassle to clean the brush everytime I use it. So I chuck it aside. haha.

  1. May i knw how to remove o clean up after using Kate eyeliner? Is there any way to clean up…coz i felt the stain is stil there which i dislike.. can advice me any eye removal as i tried few bt failed?

    1. Hello Wendy, you can try Loreal Eye Makeup Removal. It cleans pretty well for me! Just pour it on cotton wool, and cover ur lid for a few seconds before wiping it off.

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