Huge Breakouts

Every now and then I would get breakouts but I swear this is the WORST BREAKOUT I had in a long time.Those pimples are so nasty, red and huge, especially on my jawline all the way to my neck. I’ve also spotted quite a bit of clogged pores at the side of my eyes and a little on my cheek. Clogged pores are really irritating for they are form under the skin but not yet a pimple and they are effing hard to remove.

I would attribute this huge breakout due to lack of sleep. I’ve been sleeping really late ever since my attachment ended and due to caffeine intake in the afternoon on some days, I couldn’t sleep AT ALL. So I would wake up in the morning without a proper rest for the whole night.

I’m not sure if stopping a product would cause this unstability in my skin but it just so happens that the breakout started after I stopped using that product. However, I googled on the internet and usually outbreaks on the chin & jaw area is due to hormonal imbalance. So this further affirmed the cause of my breakout is caused largely by the lack of rest and stress.

I’m pretty horrified with my own acne pictures but will probably show it after I recovered. Good thing is my acne is not really visible unless I tilt my head up.

Meanwhile, I’m just going to tackle my problems and allow my skin to be stable once again. *Sigh.

Depressed Vivian.


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