Fight 15 Signs of Aging + Giveaway

About four years back, when I was 17,18,19 ………..

Cannot believe I actually look like this. Skin looks old and dull.  #bangwall.

The me now.22 years old.

Even though I’ve matured in age, my skin actually looks younger now. The irony!
What’s the trick? Having firm, bouncy and fair skin actually makes one look less dull and younger!

I am fortunate that I’ve not develop any wrinkles yet, but that doesn’t mean I will be spared from wrinkles, especially when I’m now over 20.

Do you know that your skin starts to age when you are above 20?

Growing up along with these signs, what a bad idea.
I think I have about 8 of these signs!

How many of these signs did you have?

Would you try a product that can help to tackle these aging signs?

If Hebe Tien tried and loves it, would you mind trying?

That’s right! Hebe is the new spokesperson for Loreal’s Revitalift White Range.
If I’m correct, she’s about 28 years old and what she needs is a skincare that can help fight first signs of ageing. And Loreal Revitalift White Range is the perfect choice for her.

Let’s see what L’oreal has in place for the bloggers today!

First of all we had yummy brunch buffet!

Then, we were each given a sample of Revitalift White Day Cream with SPF to try.

We were introduced to their Day Cream and their Essence, both of which were in our goodie bag too!

These are the active ingredients that can help fight 15 signs of aging.

15 signs of aging? With L’oreal, you won’t  need 15 different skincare products anymore.

Here’s the fun part of our event!

Guess what were we doing?

We were decorating our own mirror!! All the materials and mirror are provided by L’oreal and we can bring our creation home!!

Thank you L’oreal for the nice goodie bag!!
I love the essence for it really brightens up my skin and makes my freckles look less dark!


Can you guess which is mine??

Choice A

Choice B

Choice C

Choice D

Choice E

Choice F

Leave a comment (with your real e-mail) and let me know your guess.

Two lucky winners who guessed correctly will each receive a sample size Revitalift White Day Cream to try.

Giveaway ends on Sep 9.
Good Luck!

**This is a blogger’s Event organized by L’oreal Paris**


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