La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo Corrective and Unclogging Anti-Imperfection Care.
A treatment product that can help purify the skin and protect against breakouts developing. The LHA/Linoleic Acid combination to help unclog pores by eliminating dead cells, responsible for their obstruction.

I’m currently using their pimple cream (Target Breakout Corrector) and within two days, my acne dried and flatten by quite a bit! I even have the urge to change my skincare line into solely La Roche Posay. But no, I might one day but I will do it slowly. :p

Etude House Golden Ratio Highlighter.
Comes in two colour: Gold and Pink.

I’m more interested in the pink one as it seems to compliment well on fair skin!
Have always wanted to buy a highlighter to create a dewy look and I saw bubzbeauty using this on her latest video!  (You know me, I am seriously not keen on having matte finish; Korean’s dewy porcelain skin is my ultimate aim!)

Mac Studio Finish Concealer.

I have not own any Mac Makeup yet but this would be the first product which I would really love to try after Jermaine’s recommendation! Best of all? Contrary to the belief, it does not come with a hefty price tag!

PS: Still battling with my breakout! I have since then kept my skincare regime to the minimal, focusing on only pimple treatment and plenty of hydration as acne treatments can be drying. Will post my current skincare regime soon!


7 thoughts on “Lemmings

    1. Hi I have not bought the concealer yet but I heard its around $30? I’m using benefit poise tint and etude lips and cheek angel… 🙂

  1. hey Vivi!
    You know i study medicine and while we are having our dermatology course, one of our teachers suggested us to use La roche posay.. I am currently using toleriane fluid , and i loved it! It is perfect for summer (for me of course since i have a combination skin)
    by the way when i was reading the comments above , i saw you guys mentioning Benefit tint, i actually tried to use it but i couldnt do it >< is there a trick?

    1. Really? I think la roche posay is a really good skincare! What does the toleriane fluid does? is it a moisturizer?
      Maybe I will do a video on how to apply tint blusher and cream blusher? cos both are my favourite! hehe.

      1. I like la roche Posay 🙂 it suits me better than vichy which is quite popular here..
        Toleriane Fluid is like a moisturizer for those who have combination skin in an oily way, and for irritated skin.. It is not like a cream so for summer it feels good :)And i have a very sensitive skin i cannot apply any moisturizer..
        If you can find a tester , try it 🙂

        owww really? If you can do a video , i will be so happy!
        I paid so much money for tint and now i am having it as a decoration ^^

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