Low Ponytail Look

There was a time when I was so into high pony tail, but now I actually have a thing for low pony tail!
Maybe because of too much korean’s influence!

I want korean’s skin and korean’s hair!
(We all have dreams. It’s okay to dream big. :p)

So I tried my version of low ponytail. Very demure looking, lolol!
The thing about koreans is that they are so effortlessly beautiful (in terms of hairdo and makeup). Don’t cha think so?

Here’s the back of my hair. Have to overexpose my picture or you won’t be able to see the details of my hair.

Nobody help me to take picture. Poor me, have to stretch my arms all the way to the back. 😦

A clearer picture of my hair.

Yay or nay?
I personally like it!


10 thoughts on “Low Ponytail Look

  1. I envy koreans too 🙂 You know i am caucasian but i wish i was asian 🙂
    You look really sweet and i liked your hair ^^
    keep up the good work!

    1. Hello babe, thank you for being so supportive of my blog! hehe. warms my heart whenever I read your comments.
      Aww…..doesn’t matter if we are caucasian or asian, we are all beautiful in our own ways! 🙂

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