Mini gathering with 2B alternative

Hey girls! Remember the other time I shared with you on how to attain slimmer cheeks using 2B alternative Face Serum? That was a product trial competition if you don’t already know.

I had a gathering cum prize giving session with them at V8 Cafe!
Yes, guess what?? I was the GRAND WINNER of the competition. ZOMG?!

Even though that was a competition, but what I’ve experienced is definitely true. This miracle face serum did help me to say byebye to obvious jawline. I’m now into my second bottle already and my boyfriend already noticed the effect of my face shape. (and he wants me to stop it in case my face are left with nothing.) LOLOL. He is just exaggerating lar!

The rest of the winners with their prizes.

And me, being the grand winner, also have the most products from them!!
(oh look! I have a V shape face!)

That includes plenty of slimming products for the arms, tummy and legs and of course my favourite for FACE! I shared my products with my mum and sis cos I will not be able to finish them on my own. lol.

One thing though, I am definitely nowhere near fat! In fact my BMI shows that I’m underweight. BUT I do have flabby arms and tummy. I don’t associate them all with fats; it is totally impossible for one to be without any fats. So it must be the lack of exercise and sometimes water retention.

I don’t advocate skipping meals because you could only achieve your ideal weight for a period of time. I think exercising is still the most important step if you want to keep slim in a healthier way. Using slimming products at the same time can help you to achieve a leaner body too.

I’ll blog again about these products once I’ve tried them long enough. ^-^



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