Gentle skincare for the sensitive skin

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I know many of you out there have one way or the other used Cataphil products before and that includes me!

I used to use Cataphil’s cleanser ever since I saw the improvement on my cousin’s acne prone face. He used to have lots of cystic acne but not now anymore. My mum heard from him and she brought home a dozen of cataphil cleansers! No kid, really like a dozen! lol.

Now my mum is an avid user of Cataphil’s moisturizing cream because it is really helpful for her sensitive skin.

The reason why I love this cleanser is because it is very mild and doesn’t cause a “squeaky clean” effect on my skin. Do you know that products that give you a “squeaky clean” effect actually aggressively remove dirt and strip off its essential moisture, leading to redness and itchiness?

This cleanser is a non-soap formula that can preserve your skin’s natural moisture. It softens your skin as it gently cleanses. It can also help to remove light makeup while not clogging pores. (Though I still believe you should use a makeup remover to remove any type of makeup.)

I recommend this product for people with sensitive skin because this is really mild and suitable!

The next product is the moisturizing cream!

This product dispenses a cream type formula, specially recommended for people with dry and sensitive skin. My mum loves this!

This product contains a superior system of extra strength emollients and humectants, clinically proven to bind water to the skin and prevent moisture loss.
Provides long lasting relief even for severe dry skin.
It is non-comodogenic and contains no fragrance.

The downside is it contains dimethicone and I’m not really sure if I’d be keen to put this on my face.

Lastly, the SUNBLOCK!
This UVA/UVB Defense has SPF50+ /UVA26.

I cannot stress and emphasize on the importance of using a sunblock.
I will never ever step of out of the house without putting sunblock.
The production of melanin doesn’t just come overnight but rather it accumulates and flares up one day. That’s when you will have an increase of freckles and dark spots.

This product looks creamy but it sets on the skin nicely after awhile. It doesn’t feel sticky at all. My skin looks brighter after using it, yet not leaving a white cast on my face. It is also really moisturizing!

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