Blind Testing Project

I’ve been involved in a Blind Testing Project recently.

Blind Testing is basically giving you a set of products without their names, and having you to try them out so that the results will be unbiased.

This project is initiated by WISH company from Seoul, Korea. They collaborate with businesses in the field of beauty, fashion and entertainment to create trends. Currently, they operate and manage WISH (, where they introduce to the world, items and contents unique to Korea.

The first category of cosmetics I will be testing is toners, which is also known as the first step in skin care. Out of the 5 products that they have sent me, 2 of them are ones that are very well known; global best sellers of one of the brands that you would instantly recognize. The other 3 are indigenous Korean brands, that have received a lot of compliments.

But of course, I wouldn’t know which is which.
In order to give a more reliable review, I tried them in a period of 10 days.
So far, none of the toners broke me up, which is a good thing!

This is a rating form on how I feel after testing. It is based on 5 factors: Fragrance, Mildness, Texture, Moisturizing Level and Cleansing Ability on a scale of 1 to 5; with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.

This table shows that I love Toner E the most and dislike Toner C the most.
Out of all the toners, I find that Toner D and E is best suitable for my oily-combination skin and it gives the right amount of moisture level for me without drying my skin out. The fragrance level was just right and not too empowering.

If I have dry skin, I would go for Toner B as it is really moisturizing and the toner did well in other aspects too.

I will not recommend Toner C as I think the alcohol content is really high!  It dries up and evaporate super fast, leaving my skin feeling “cool”. Not a fan of this feeling as it simply tells me that it contains a lot of alcohol.

The brands will released at the end of the month so I will update you girls on it again! At the same time, it would be fun to see how other bloggers feel about the toners.

**I am not paid to write this**


3 thoughts on “Blind Testing Project

      1. I still don’t know the ans for the moment yet. Will update again when I gt the answers. Do check back.

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