Thought Bubbles: Are you against Plastic Surgeries?

With the ever increasing technologies, it seems that many ladies out there have underwent, wanted to or thinking of plastic surgeries.

I personally would not go for any PS not because I think I’m perfectly pretty but because I’m fine being this way. I guess god gave me double eye lids, fat nose, fat cheeks, dimples, defined lip shape for a reason. Having said that, I would still do anything (makeup and skincare) to enhance my features but not do anything to alter my features. There’s a fine line between enhancing and altering features.
At the end of the day, when I removed my makeup, I want to see the original me, the me who is born that way, the me that god and my parents endowed me with.

Yes, sometimes I complain like why am I born a shortie or like why I have huge nose. But at the end of the day, these are what make me who I am. People recognize me for these traits because that’s me!

How I see myself is far more important than how people judge me. Yes I am a shortie but hey, I look better in that girly cute dress but tall girls just look act cute in them. I have huge nose but Jacky Chan has it too! :p

Having said that, I’m also not against PS since people do it to boost their self-esteem. They may not be having low self-esteem in the first place but having prettier features will definitely make them more confident of themselves. Besides, makeup is really a lot easier on features which are already pretty. So in that case, why not?

Everyone has their own definition of looking good and feeling good. There’s nothing wrong in pursuing your own identity, an identity that is created by you yourself, and not any other identities that god gave you with or those that people judge you by.

It’s really about perspective taking.

It’s really about what you really want, who you see yourself to be and how you really feel.

So I guess people should take the chill pill when it comes to plastic surgeries. 🙂

What do you think of it?

PS: I think my current module “multicultural studies” is totally making me mad. I actually applied what I’ve learned about culture and identity into my blog post. Like what the? haha. :p


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