Makeover by Hoyu!

Remembered the tertiary Salsa dance competition which I spoke about?

Hoyu is one of the sponsors so some bloggers were invited to the event.

Hoyu is the brand of many professional hair care products often used in Salons.

We had a makeover prior to the dancing competition!

That’s me and my sis before the makeover. We all already had our makeup on but our hair is so boring!

Look at the amount of Hoyu products on the table!

Applying their Clear Oil Treatment on my hair which I swear by it now. ^-^
It simply makes my hair softer, smoother and tangle free almost the whole day!

Psss: The stylist’s hair very chio hor? =p

So here’s all the messy makeup tools on the table.

Since I already have makeup on, so they just added more blusher and enhance a little more on my eyes. I had my eyebrows trimmed by them too!

Ok, to speak the truth, I’m not so satisfied with the makeup. My blusher is like going out of control! But I like the eyebrows though.  Random, but …do you know people notice women with a set of defined eyebrows more than those who don’t? That’s because eyebrows frame the eyes! Messy eyebrows give me a very messy feeling.

Next, I started doing my hair! Stylist is sectioning my hair for the curling tongs to do the magic.

Curls in progress …

Stylist asked me if I always rebond my hair because she finds that I suit curls a lot.
Truth to be told, many people love my curly hair look and I like myself with curls too! But I’m enjoying the variations straight hair can do which perms can’t for now. There’s always the curling iron to do the MAGIC! 😀

Giving my hair a pretty updo. Btw, I just realise my nose is quite long from the side. lol.

Tadda!! My pretty hair!! So nice right?!

Here’s Celeste with her pretty side do. (oh yes, Celeste is here with us too!)

My sis’s hair …. hmmm…kinda weird though. Like why leave so many strands out there without doing anything. lol. At least bother to curl them right?

Btw we all had different stylists, and my sis happened to get a guy to do it for her. Not as meticulous maybe.

So anw, we were ushered to our V.I.P seats. Err…like really V.I.P lor, cos look at the people behind us. They were all standing! No seats for them. =x

Saw Min Ru (Musicplayson) and faster grab her to take a picture! haha!

The dances were pretty amazing! Too bad, my bones are too stiff for dancing! HAHA! I think Hoyu did their hair and makeup too? Like so nice!!

During the interval, they have social dancing and the guys started asking for a partner to dance with them. wah, why everybody here know how to dance Salsa one?

All in all, I enjoyed the event quite a bit! Thank you Hoyu and Joyce from Brandstory! Oh yes, btw I was in TRIBAL theme today. That explains my outfit and my oxford heels.

Here’s what we got from the event! 2 hair wax and 3 hair treatments.
They are all in sturdy good quality bottles!

I gave the wax to Prawn since this wax is for extra definition and can create and hold styles really well.

Once again, thank you Hoyu!


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