Happy cheery day!

Hello everybody! How’s your weekend?
My weekend was spent meaningfully by churning two assignments. -.-
I know right, nothing new.

Life of a student. 🙂

I’m feeling rather cheery and happy today since I had a little surprise,  late night jogging last night and nice breakfast (the kopitiam below my hse serves nice dim sum and breakie set)  this morning!

Pretty ring which bf got for me! So colourful! I see positive vibes in it!

What beats sweet gestures and quality time spent with your other half right? ^-^

Me looking bright, clean and awake with just a little loose powder and eyebrows drawn. ^^ One of my friend said I’m probably the only one who still looks fresh even though an assignment was due today. lol.
Basking in happiness and I guess happiness do show on the face. 🙂

Enjoy your week guys! I’m sure this week of mine will be a happy one albeit I still have plenty of essays to write. :p

I’ve got 1001 things to be happy about my current life. There’s no need to look back. I won’t and you shouldn’t too.


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