Look what we did yesterday!

A psychologist once wrote about the topic on LOVE: A true love that can be called a mature love have to go through 4 stages; 1. Co-dependent, 2. Counter-dependent, 3. Independent; and 4. Interdependent. The time of transition for different stages varies from people to people.

The First Stage: Co-dependent – This is the stage where couples are being madly in love. At this stage, couples always hope to be together at all times.

The Second Stage: Counter-dependent – Love has gradually stabilized. At least one of them will want to have more time to do the things that they want to do by themselves. At this present of time, the other party will feel being desolated. He or she will start to feel extremely depressed and forlorn.

The Third Stage: Independent – This is a continuation of Stage Two. One of them will demand more time to be independent. This is also a process for both to get used to each other’s differences.

The Fourth Stage: Interdependent – At this phase, a new way for the couples has developed. Your Mr or Miss Right has become your most precious dearest. Both are there to support each other, craving a world that belongs to you all. Both will not restrain each other. Instead, both of you will encourage each other in all aspect of live and grow together.

However, most people are unable to go pass the second or third stage in this love relationship. In the end, they choose to go separate ways. What a pity! Many a time, problems or misunderstandings can be solved as long as both are willing to communicate. Don’t be spiteful or throw tantrums! Couples should mutually trust and forgive each other. Then, time taken for the couples to go through the second and third stages will be shortened.

It is not easy for you to meet someone you can mutually love. Thus, do not give up lightly or break up easily. For two persons to be able to meet among the crowd is due to the fact that both are fated to meet. And for both to get to know each other in depth and fall in love is due to the fact that both of you have the ‘heart’ for each other. Therefore, everyone must really treasure this good fortune and don’t break up easily.

We will gradually become the person that we love. Basically, both of you do not have similarities to begin with. Even your characters are completely different. Nevertheless, once fallen in love and as time flies, you will be surprised that his eyes are similar to yours. His smile is something reminiscent of yours. Both footsteps are in sync. Even the manner of speech is alike. We can actually turn out to be the one we love.

You are steadfast while he is flamboyant. Once fallen in love, he unknowingly becomes steadfast so as to pair up with you. Even he is unaware of this gradual change in him. This is not an intended change by him. The longer a couple is in love, the more alike their character is.

You used to think that he/she is not the type that you are looking for. However, one day, you are astonished to discover that he/she has transformed into the type of guy/girl that you adore. You do not need to go around searching for the right person anymore because he/she is the one that you have been seeking high and low.

Hereby, wishing all couples will be together and be happily ever after.

— By Jasmin Sim

I think this is true! It is not easy to find someone whom you love and vice versa. So do treasure ur love ones!

Anw, prawn and me attempted to make Thai salad yesterday!! I was very eager to try out after reading sixpegs’s blog on this very simple recipe.

Here are the ingredients which we prepared. We twisted the given recipe a little and add in other vege. The sauce in bowl are Thai fish sauce, sugar and some soup mixed together.

And our end result! So savoring!!


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