Building rapport with my hairdresser

I finally had a hair trim this morning! Been wanting to trim away my uneven hair length and thin my super thick fringe. So yup I got my hairdresser to do just that. Not much difference actually but this is a good thing!

Ever had hairdresser who don’t understand the meaning of “trim” and went ahead to cut huge length of your hair away? I wonder if it is an issue of miscommunication when you already specifically told the hairdresser that you only want to trim because you want to grow your hair.

I find that finding a good hairdreser takes luck and building rapport with your hairdresser takes time. I don’t like to change my hairdresser because I feel that only she knows my hair texture the best and only she knows what I want. Give me another hairdresser and 8/10 of them will not take into consideration what I want. They take matters into their own hands and cut the style which they think is nice.

This hairdresser respect my decision and never once push her opinions on me. I wonder what happens if she doesn’t work anymore. Who else can I trust?


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