Secret to crystal clear skin

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Hydration is one of the most essential step for all skin type. Without proper hydration, your skin will look dull, dry and wrinkly. Sometimes more sebum is produced when your skin lacks moisture.

I aim to achieve porcelain looking skin that is bright and translucent even without the use of makeup.

Of course in the picture above, I’m definitely using makeup. But a great proper hydrated skin is the most important base that makes my makeup looks flawless and bouncy looking! There is glow on my skin even without using any highlighter.

How did I manage to keep my skin hydrated?

I’ve been using Laneige’s Water Bank Series for awhile now! Have been wanting to blog about it coz this is one great stuff that I would really repurchase in the future!
(Please don’t take my Korean word seriously. Just wanted a more sarang hey feeling. lol. )

This travel pack consists of Cleanser, Power Essential Skin Refiner, Moisturzer, Water Bank Essence, Sleeping Pack

I will talk about 2 products which I love … Water Bank Essence and Sleeping Pack.

The reason why I’m promoting water bank essence is that it is easily absorbed into the skin and provides long lasting moisture effect (24 hrs) with its Water Pump System, leaving your skin moisturized all day long.

A hydration essence like this can be mixed and matched with your other skincare. I use it in the morning to prevent looking like an oil pot in mid-day. As I have many other types of serums awaiting me to finish up, hence I don’t use it at night.

The next item which is also a hot favourite among customers is the SLEEPING PACK!

This is to be applied at night before sleep, providing intense moisturizing and brightening effects to rejuvenate your skin while you rest.


  • Tired and dehydrated skin is rejuvenated overnight.
  • An even, smooth skin tone is achieved.
  • Quality of sleep is improved with Sleepscent technology

I wake up to super hydrated and bouncy skin! Definitely love this!


Here’s a perfect gift:

This Christmas, give your nearest and dearest the gift of healthy, crystal-clear and radiant skin with the Water Bank Essence, Water Sleeping Pack_EX and Power Essential Skin Refiner (Light) , available in Sanna Annukka’s vivid Limited Edition Christmas designs that will surely be a crowd-pleaser.

Laneige is my secret to having crystal clear skin even in the midst of my busy schedule. But now, it’s no longer a secret! =x

Special edition retailing on mid-november at all Laneige Counters

Water Bank Essence $65
Sleeping Mask $45
Power Essential Skin Refiner Price not available yet.


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