MAC studio finish concealer

I decided to buy a concealer after so many years of not using one. Ever since my acne outbreak which happened not too long ago, I’m beginning to see more blemishes which cannot be covered using foundation alone. And recently I’m developing new pimples again due to PMS + heaty + stress. Damm it!

So anw, under Jermaine’s recommendation, I got the MAC studio finish concealer.
It’s my first time stepping into MAC because I’ve always find MAC intimidating with all the punk looking sales girls in black. They don’t look approachable in a single bit. But I managed to pluck up the courage to step into the store because I see normal girls (customers) in the store.

The SA tested the shade for me and got me NW20.
The studio’s lighting is really bright so it’s easier to see if the colour matches my skin or not.

I’ve always been quite confused over MAC’s shades …NC and NW …
So I found out that
NC = Neutral cool = warm skin tones = yellow undertones
NW = Neutral Warm = Cool Skin Tone = pink undertones

It’s quite misleading … but oh well … don’t have to worry about it since the SA will help you with the colour selection!

Here’s what I think after the second try (first try when the SA applied on my skin)

– Not cakey
– Glides on really smoothly with a brush
– Excellent coverage
– Totally matches my skin colour
– Long-lasting (I wore it since 6.30 am till 8pm and the concealer is still intact)

Overall I really like this concealer and I doubt I will settle for anything less in the future.


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