New! Hada Labo Cleansing Oil

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With so many makeup removers in the market, it’s definitely not easy to choose one that works for you.

I personally prefer cleansing oil to any other types of makeup remover because
1) I don’t get tight skin after cleansing
2) I don’t have to use cotton wool

So I was given the chance to test out Hada Labo’s new cleansing oil.
Since Hada Labo’s lotions are well-known for its hydration purposes, it’s cleansing oil makes no difference as well.

Two key ingredients:
1) High Purity Olive Oil
2) Super Hyaluronic acid

These ensure high performance cleansing with 2x more moisture than just hyaluronic acid.

It is water-soluble, non-sticky and drying as well.

This product does not contain Mineral Oil which exists in plenty of cleansing oil in the market. Mineral oil can clog the skin if you don’t wash the cleansing oil properly. Otherwise, I don’t think mineral oil is an issue in cleansing oil.

I always do double cleansing just to make sure I remove my makeup cleanly and properly.

So let’s put Hada Labo’s cleansing oil to the test!

These are all the kind of makeup I would normally put on my face.

Roughly 2 pumps for the entire face. But for this test, I’m only using 1 pump.

Always use it with clean dry hand on dry skin. Massage till all the makeup dissolves. Add water to emulsify it and massage again. Then clean off with water!

The result ….

I took a really long while to dissolve all the makeup. What’s stubborn was my poisetint, k palette eyeliner and pink brown mascara. As you can see my hand’s red due to the intensive rubbing.

It is not sticky or oily and it is easily washed off by water. But I don’t think this is good for stubborn waterproof makeup. I’ll recommend you to use a separate eye makeup remover to remove the eyemakeup. If you are only using foundation, this can do the job.

Price: $20.90
Where: Watsons
Check out their facebook page here for more updates!

Will I buy it again?
No as I’ve my own preferred cleansing oil.
You can formspring me if you are interested to know.


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