Soft Gyaru Look


Hello girlies! Today my post is on soft gyaru look! Okay I call it the SOFT gyaru look cos I don’t think I look as gyaru as the rest of the gyarus…

As you all know I usually go for the “korean” kind of clean look. But sometimes, stronger eyemakeup can accentuate my already big eyes!

Cosmetic lens is a bonus in creating that gyaru look!

This is my first time wearing circle lens!
I normally do not buy lens online but since the owner of the shop is someone I knew, I trusted her! Not easy to find reliable seller nowadays.

Thank you Sassy Love for sending me this pair of lens.

Yup yup gyaru always emphasize on their eyemakeup!
So fake eyelashes, cosmetic lenses and eyeliner … BRING IT ON!

Once again, I drew on fake bottom lashes for that cute gyaru look.
Lip colour is from Laniege Styling Lip Duo in coral beige. Thank you Laniege!
More on that next time.

Muack Muack!

I’m loving this pair of lens very much!
I told the owner that I want something natural, not too huge.
So she sent me this purple lens with a diameter of 17.8mm. Acceptable for me.
The water content is 48%, quite comfortable and no irritation for me.

Eyelashes should be placed at the second half of the eye to create that droopy puppy eyes look.

Close up of the lens. Very nice right?!

Now for my readers!!

Head to Sassy Love now!!! Spree is now on!!
Ends at 27/11, so hurry no wait!

Disclaimer: Please discontinue usage should you find any irritation.
Take care of your eyes! You only have 1 pair of them. 🙂


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