Upper Lip Hair Removal

They say girls who have upper lip hair are pretty.
Do you believe in this nonsense?

How can anyone be pretty with hairy upper lips?

I am one unlucky girl who has this problem! So facial and body hair are due to the action of androgens, the family of hormones that includes testoterone. I’m so hairy that I have hairs on my fingers as well! =.= .=

These doesn’t cause any embarrassment but upper lip hair does!
Many times, I avoid standing too near to a person in case they see my upper lip hairs!
I tried waxing but because these hairs on the upper lip are much finer and shorter, it is often difficult to remove them through waxing. And I ended up with sore, irritated and sticky skin.

I tried plucking but apparently it is difficult to pluck every single visible strands. Some strands are too short for the tweezer to do the job. And they never last, after a week, the hair grew again. =.=

And no! STRICTLY NO SHAVING! You girls shouldn’t shave either!

So I decided to spend an amount of money doing IPL to remove my upper lip hair.
I signed up 7 sessions initially but my hair is simply too coarse that 7 sessions are not enough to kill all of them permanently.


Check out my hairy lips before the treatment …
If they are visible on the camera, they are even more visible in real life.

After 9 sessions

Some of my finer hair has been permanently removed while some of my coarser hair at the two ends of my lips has turned much much finer that it cannot be seen by others unless they really stick their face onto me.

Is the results visible?
The results are definitely visible and have shown great improvement since day 1. Just disappointed that I need more than 7 sessions to remove them completely. The results depends on individual.

What is the process like?
They will first apply cooling gel on the areas needed for IPL. Next they will do a test patch and after which they will use impluse light onto the area. Lastly, they ended off with a mask for me.

Is it painful?
At initial stage no. But as you go for the later sessions when your hair becomes finer, they need to use a stronger mode which may hurt a bit. If they are not careful, they may even burn your skin.

How long from the first treatment to the next treatment?
I go treatment every 3 weeks.

How much does it cost?
I’m given staff price so no comments here.

I know Groupon and Deals site have many unlimited IPL packages but I’m not sure how new is their machine and if it is able to kill fine hairs. I’m also skeptical of their services. According to mine, their IPL machine is very new and has the ability to kill fine hair and my beauticians have been really patient in helping me. No hard selling of extra things too.

Overall, I think IPL does works…but whether or not is it going to be 100% completely permanently removed can still be debated. It seriously depends on individual. I’ll still recommend people to go for IPL if you are facing hairy issues like me.


7 thoughts on “Upper Lip Hair Removal

  1. Hello Vivian 🙂
    First of all , i can understand you pretty well because i have similar problems but let me tell you that it is not related to hormones if you have too much hair on your arm or your leg, it is genetics.. But if you have hair where they shouldnt be (where actually boys have, like chest, face etc..) that is actually related to hormones..
    I was waxing *yeah it is too painful* but recently i am trying laser epilation not IPL because i was told that it is just another type of waxing and it doesnt remove hair roots, right now i am going a clinic where they have machine called alexander and it is great! I have really less hair on my leg and under arm 🙂 i really recommend it 🙂

  2. Hi there,
    Ive heard that laser or IPL doesnt work so well for people with fair hair. Does anyone know which is the best treatment for upper lip fair hair permanent removal on a 50 year old woman?

  3. Hi Vivian, it’s has been 4 years after your IPL.

    Appreciate very much if you could share if the IPL upper lip hair removal is still effective?

    Im 16 chinese girl and have this same problem 😦 😦

    Thought of going for it, but scared after reading on some postings that patients had more regrowth.

    Please advise.

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