Pretty in Pink

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Lip colour is always a way to change a person’s look.
I like the bold and daring rose pink to capture everyone’s attention. But sometimes I also like my lips to be paler and nude looking. But I can’t carry off the nude colour as it makes me look sick and pink.

Therefore, my choice is always light coral and I’ve been using that colour for daily makeup look.

Today Laniege sent me two lip colours from Limited holiday collection Styling Romantic Lip duo to try; one pink glow and one coral beige.

This is a duo lipstick where you get lip gloss on one end and lipstick on the other end!
Super convenient and if you need to bring it out for touch up, you don’t have to bring two products!

Here’s the creamy lipstick …

And the pretty lip gloss …

Here’s a swatch of these two colours …

You probably have seen how the coral beige looks like on me on the post “soft gyaru look” so I’m not posting the pictures up again.

Here’s how pink glow looks like on me:

How do you like the pink?
I think the pink looks nice on me and I’m surprised that this pale colour could actually cover my dark lips!

Okay, I think this look is suitable for the “meet-the-folks” session. So demure. HAHA.

The colour is pretty and moisturizing but it doesn’t last. It will probably fade away after finishing a meal.

Styling Romantic Styling Lip Duos are retailing at S$32.00 at all Laneige counters island-wide. Pretty affordable and you get two items in one tube!

Styling Romantic also includes Laneige Styling Romantic Blusher retails at S$49.00, Styling Romantic Eye Palette retails at S$45.00.

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