One of my favourite cleansing oil!

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I’ve been using Fancl cleansing oil to remove my makeup for quite awhile. Everyone around me has been telling me how great Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil is and I’m very happy to be able to try it FINALLY! All thanks to thesamplestore and Fancl. 😀

I love cleansing oil and I’m always on the lookout for one that
– can remove all makeup thoroughly including eyemakeup
– is not oily that makes cleaning fast and easy

So .. let’s test it out now!

Here’s me with my typical makeup.

– Za Cosmetic Foundation
– Mac concealer
– Za Mascara
– Za Eyebrow Pencil
– Laneige Styling Romantic Lip Colour

(Erm, yes I’m a Za fan. :p)

To use:
1. Use dry hands to massage cleansing oil onto dry face
2. Wash away thereafter

This is the recommended way to use Fancl’s cleansing wash.
However, I would prefer to add in an extra emulsify step cos apparently when I do that, eye makeup can be removed even easily.

Half way through removing the makeup …

And I’m done!

It took me only 3 min to remove everything including mascara!
It was such a breeze. There was no tugging but makeup was removed thoroughly!
The oil wasn’t oily and was easily removed with water. My skin felt so clean!

Overall I’m really satisfied with this cleansing oil! It’s just what I’m looking for.

Cons: Advised to use it under 3 to 4 months. So if you are someone who doesn’t use makeup daily, I don’t think you should splurge on this.

Now! For my readers, mention my blog URL
1.  at any FANCL store islandwide and receive 2 bottles of Deluxe TenseUp after a complimentary express skin check. Valid till 30 Nov 2011.

2.  $5 off Fancl mild cleansing oil.
Offer valid till valid till 30 Nov 2011. Limited to 1 regular-priced bottle (120ml) per reader. Not valid with other promotions/ discounts/ vouchers. Other T&Cs apply.

I’m probably gonna go stock up too!



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