Some of the products I’ve been using (August – November)

Taking a break from studying to blog!

Here are some of the items which I’ve been using for months but didn’t took out the time to blog about them!

Primers. (Left:  Holika Holika Silky Veil Primer; Right: L’oreal Base Magique )

I use them whenever I want close to perfection flawless complexion. The first one give me very smooth surface for an even foundation application while the latter one conceals pores better and smoothen out surfaces. Can be thick and rather messy at times though, so do use it sparingly.

Biore Aqua Rich Water Jelly Sunblock SPF30 PA++

Yes I downgrade my SPF number because this feels too great on my skin. Immediately turns into water when applied. It gives me a really nice hydrated feeling. There are times when I’m late for morning classes, I skip my moisturizer and solely depend on this to give me SPF + hydration.

Covermark Loose Powder

This is by far the most expensive makeup item I own. I usually just go for drugstore ones but apparently no drugstore loose powder wins me over. Covermark do. It gives me a nice matte finish without being over the top as it contains a little glittering particles inside. The glittering particles aren’t too much so don’t have to worry looking like a shining star. The problem is the colour doesn’t fit me 100% as this is yellow tone while I’m a blue tone. It’s half a shade darker …but will do. I don’t mind that slight difference.

Avene Light Hydrating Cream

I was using this for months before switching to Laneige Water Bank moisturizing cream for review. I use this as my night cream as the texture was moisturizing enough for use at night with air-conditioning but not too heavy that it clogs my face. It gives a hydrated but not greasy look. Actually I noticed a few bumps on my face while using Laneige Water Bank moisturizing cream but I didn’t think that was the problem but when I switch back to my Avene, my bumps disappeared! I guess Laneige’s one is too rich for my skin. It is probably more suitable for dry skin.

This is a simple moisturizer that doesn’t do anything fancy but help maintain and restore skin hydration and very suitable for sensitive skin. Do take note I’m using the LIGHT version without SPF, not the RICH version.

*Disclaimer: I have normal-combination skin that gets outbreak now and then.
What works for me may not work for you.


7 thoughts on “Some of the products I’ve been using (August – November)

  1. I aso have the loreal base, my first primer but I used it for our whole face, after my liquid foundation, it turned out veri thick. Btw the mac concealer how much u bot it?

    1. yes…do be careful, don’t “pinch” too much of the primer..I normally just use it on my big pores area arnd my nose. I bought it for $30! 🙂

  2. I find Holika Holika has good make up products… eg. their face2change series… but their skincare line seems to not suit me.. a bit overwhelming for my oily/combi skin…

  3. Oh yeah… I also tried the laneige’s water bank essence but my t-zone seems to have pimples after a few days… the essence seems to be a bit oily… is it the same for the cream? or does the cream have a texture similar to neutrogena’s hydro boost water gel?

    1. Really? but i like the essence so much! The cream will not be suitable for very creamy …more suitable for dry skin

      1. Ok. thanks:) Glad tt it works for you… at least the essence works for my cheeks!! so not totally wasted… Hee…

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