Achieving Baby Skin

Sponsored Review

Do you always want to go back to the time when you were just a BABY? When we were still a baby, our skin was soooo SMOOTH and FLAWLESS looking!

What happens if I tell you that you can now get back your baby’s skin?
Sounds too good to be true right? So let’s find out more!

Skin79 very kindly sent me the “Lovely Girl BB Cream” in a girly floral box which I love so much.

I have always love Skin79 BB cream that I said yes to reviewing this product immediately! I’m also using Skin79 Diamond BB Cream which I totally love it!

This Lovely Girl BB cream promise to give you that smooth and flawless skin which resembles a BABY!

It protects your skin from external environment which is one of the reason why over the years, our skin age and became rough.

What I love about SKin79 Lovely Girl BB Cream is that the shade suits most skintone, whether fair skin or medium skin tone.

At first when squeezed out from the bottle, the BB cream looks a little greyish but it blended into my underhand so well!

The BB cream also blended very well on the other side of my hand which is slightly darker.

Such a clever BB cream! This can cater to almost everyone’s skin shade! I don’t know why, but Skin79 just have the ability to do that. This is also the reason why I stay faithful to my Diamond BB cream. Because the shade is super suitable for me too!

On my face.
Before: Pimple Marks, Dull Skin, Lack of transparency, Dark Eye Cirlces.
Pardon my really bad and dull skin because this was taken during my exam period. You know how STRESS + PMS give you nasty skin.

After: Skin became radiant without turning me into a fair ghost. Pimple marks and dark eye circle were reduced by 60%. Doesn’t feel thick or sticky on my skin and it gives off a very nice hydrated glow! If you don’t like that sheen, you can always apply some loose powder over it (which I usually do).

Cons: You might still want to use a concealor after that cos it doesn’t completely conceal all the flaws.

In the package, I also received a very nice glitter puff. This is not for sale though.
I find it really cute though I’m unsure how I can use it. Maybe on my shoulder when I’m wearing tubes?

All in all, I find Lovely Girl BB Cream a good choice for everyday look when you don’t want to look made up, but still want a smooth and radiant complexion.

You can get it at Watsons at $21.90. 😀


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