Mad shopping

The past 2 days were like mad shopping for me.
Seriously think I haven’t been able to shop this much since this semester! 所以我一次过杀到完!

Look at the shopping bag I carried … more bags inside. =x


All our buys … haha!

Yesterday met up with Joanne and my sis for some shopping again! This time round at Bugis …

Seriously think I can change my wardrobe already. I’ve been noticing myself wearing the same piece over and over again …. I’ve been wearing some of the pieces for 3 years! can’t believe it.

I still have some shopping list to complete: face mask, foundation, heels, flats, contact lens, new pair of glasses ….

I’m enjoying life so far … every night I fall asleep deeply and wake up naturally. 🙂

And I finally gave my nails a makeover. ^^


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