Make time for treats!

I was shopping for some masks in Watson but the varieties were so limited that I went out empty-handed. I went into Guardian instead and spotted this:

How can this cute packaging of MY BEAUTY DIARY MASKS be missed?!
16 assorted pieces retailing for $23.90. I think this will make a wonderful xmas gift.

Sweet Teatime & Asia Top .
Our formulation is derived from the concept of desserts to create a whole new line that is sweet and delicious. The happy & sweet scent of our creation spreads happiness to all your sense of vision, smell and touch. Having various choices from gorgeous macaron, luxurious pearls, to royal Bulgarian rose every night is the best way to indulge your skin and yourself.

Package includes 3 of Truffle Chocolate Mask, 3 of Earl Grey Tea & Macaron Mask and two of each bird’s nest mask, pearl powder mask, bulgarian white rose mask, black pearl mask and aloe mask.

I just gave Truffle Chocolate a try just now and boy, does it really smells like chocolate truffle. It felt so pampering! My skin was so hydrated, radiant, soft and glowing after the mask.

MBD has always been one of my favourite mask. I remembered traveling to Taiwan and went back home with lots of them!

No matter where I am, I will definitely have time for mask. (Even traveling overseas!! =x)

Ending off with a nice group photo of my fellow Stage Art Group peeps. 🙂


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