Day 7 of Pantene Challenge

Sponsored Review

So I’ve been using this range for about 7 days already ….

Still remembered how my hair look like on the first day?
Poofy, dry and frizzy.

PS: My last hair review was on Style Aromatherapy and don’t get me wrong, this shampoo didn’t turn my hair to be like this. In fact I really love Style Aromatherapy but it’s just that I turned to another shampoo after finishing them long ago which wasn’t impressive I have to say.

Now my hair turns softer and manageable after trying out Pantene’s Pro V Shampoo and Conditioner.

So for the subsequent days, I replaced the conditioner with either the rinse-off treatment or the hair mask.

And yup, my hair is significantly straighter and smoother too!

So far, I really love the Shampoo, Treatment and the Hair Mask!
I love the shampoo for its super nice smell and the great foaming ability. I love the treatment and the hair mask because it gives me instantly smooth and soft hair!

🙂 So till then!

With every participant that signs up for Pantene’s 14-day Flag Off Challenge, 14 litres of clean drinking water – the equivalent of a week’s worth of clean drinking water for one person – will be donated to communities in need, helping women and their families break out of the cycle of ill-health and poverty.


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