Creating dollish curls that last

Lately I’ve been experimenting with my curling iron and finding ways to make my curls last for the whole day. Why? Because I’m “appointed” by my dear friend to be her makeup cum hair stylist for her 21st birthday!! I do hope to create beautiful curls for my friend that will last throughout the day. 🙂

Yup! That’s my friend (Hui Mei) with her beautiful dolly curls done by me!! I reached 2 hours early to help her do everything in advance. haha!

So barbie dolly-ish right? ^-^ Just the way I like it to be. Unlike most girls, I’m not exactly a fan of big curls. I prefer medium curls that has got to be VERY BOUNCY looking. It is quite difficult to achieve for a rebonded hairstyle but not impossible coz I’ve tried and did it!

So anw the theme was Vintage and this naturally calls for tighter curls.

The birthday girl and me. 🙂
I’ve never seen this girl with makeup before. In order to make her look less made-up, I decided to go with neutral colours for her. I’m also using coral colour for both her cheeks and lips and these colours do compliment her skin tone a lot!

Oh yes, I curled my hair in order to be more vintage looking. I kind of think it’s a different feel between Long Luxurious curls Versus Shorter preppy curls. Either way, I’m happy to experiment with both looks and am loving it!

This is my curling iron – BabyBliss Pro Hairdresser in 24mm.

The reason why I love it is because it has a total of 25 heat setting which can go up to a very high temperature for thicker hair like mine. To create curls like the above, I had used a heat setting of 22 and generally hold it there for 10 sec before releasing it. This curler is also ceramic-coated which protects the hair and gives the curl a nice glossy look.

Always section your hair before curling to create more volume and texture. For this type of curls, hold your curler vertically. For a more natural look, you can hold it horizontally. Either way creates an entirely different look. Also, alternate the way you curl. You can curl it inwards and outwards alternatively.
For thick hair like Hui Mei’s, I took 1 and a half hour to finish doing her hair. Patience and effort creates beautiful curls.

And speaking from experience (because I’m a noob initially when I got the curler), the way your barrel is facing will affect how pretty your curls are going to be. Barrel should face outwards when you curl inwards and barrel should face inwards when you curl outwards. Also, make sure that you don’t take too much hair at a go so that every strand of hair can get an equal amount of heat across the barrel.

These are the products I used to make the curls last.
1. Fuwarie Hair Styling Mist
2. Gatsby Super Hard Set & Keep Spray

Spray the Fuwarie Hair Styling Mist on the lower ends of your hair to protect hair cuticles from the heat of the styling tool. It can also set the hair as styled, keeping the curls tight and bouncy for extended wear.
Enhanced with Amino acid to repair damaged cuticles for beautiful, shiny hair plus protects against UV rays as well.

Personally I really dig this product as it smells really good and prevents my hair from getting burnt. I also noticed the curls come out beautifully as compared to without using it.

As for the hair spray, I noticed that spraying it before curling and setting it after curling makes the hair last throughout the day! The curls will be stiff when you touch your hair but it’s always better than having droppy curls right?

However I’m not really recommending this spray as it smells horrible. =x
I will be on a lookout for better hair spray next time. 🙂

Happy Birthday Pretty! More pictures next time.


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