A gift of pampering

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Still pondering over what to give your girl friends?

How about a gift of pampering?
Every girls should pamper themselves at least once a week with a mask of their choice.

TheNatureLab’s Hydrogel mask could possibly be a great choice!
Yup … unlike conventional masks, these masks sheet are made by Hydrogel which can keep your skin moisturized and protected for up to 24 hours.
Your skin will feel soft and smooth the whole day!
I was given 5 different type of masks to try out.

The most common ones are:
Bright & Clear – Turn rough and dark skin into clean, healthy skin
Wrinkle Free – Repair and protect against wrinkle. Rejuvenates your fatigue looking skin
Slim V – Gives you fashionable slim V look

The most exotic ones are:

Snail Charm (I know right, snail?!) –
Research has shown that snails are able to rejuvenate its shell when cracked or broken, due to a secretion they produce. This heals and protects the snail’s skin from free radicals, sun radiation, cuts and abrasions. Further studies show that this secretion has similar structural elements to the human skin. It is odourless, safe, non-toxic and non-allergenic. The hydrogel Mask combines the valuable cell-proliferatiing healing agent which stimulates healthy tissue formation and anti-oxidant, proteins to enrich the skin, glycolic acid to remove dead skin cells and to moisturise the newly exfoliated skin surface, collagen and elastin to give body tissues firmness, strength and flexibility.

Triggers and contributes to the natural healing process of damaged skin.
Repairs, protect and prevents skin from further damages.

Interesting right? I never knew snails have such abilities.

Gold Power – Contains caviar and salmon eggs to nourish and protect the skin. Amazing ability to slow down signs of aging and power up your fatigue looking skin.

Just by looking at the descriptions are enough to make me jump into trying!

Each hydrogel mask comes in two part; upper and bottom. Peel off carefully and place it on the skin. It can be quite troublesome.

The one that I have in the picture is Gold Power …. and the mask is GOLD in colour!
As you can see, it doesn’t perfectly fit onto my face and doesn’t adhere to the skin that much.

The texture is jelly like, almost like putting pudding on my skin except that it isn’t sticky or watery.

I find that there is not enough essence from the mask so it is rather dry.
After taking the mask off, no residue was left on my skin. It was that dry.
But surprisingly, the results were instantaneous!

My skin was looking radiant, clean and clear!

My skin was super moisturized the next day as I find oil secretion lesser in the day.

Will I buy it again?
Yes, but only in exotic ones …

Grab your samples at Thesamplestore here today or get them at Watsons.


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