Golden Gradient Nails

Hi peeps, with Xmas around the corner, have you already glam up your nails?
Truth to be told, not only girls but guys too, notice small details like this!

You could get your manicurist to do the job for you or alternatively play with whatever you have at home. You can be pleasantly surprised with the result. I haven’t been getting any new nail polishes so I decided to use the Gold nail polishes I got the other time when I was preparing for the Greek Goddess partay.

So here’s a new try for me! Golden Gradient Nails.

My personal preference is to cut away all nails before doing any nail arts because long nails are simply too troublesome for me. Fortunately the pink part of my nails are rather long so I could still play with it. If yours aren’t as long, I would suggest growing out the nails for a beautiful look.

Nail polishes used …
The two gold nail polishes differs in how sparkly they are. The first one is lighter and is good as a base while the second one is more intense with more gold particles. Both compliments each other and gives off a natural gradient look when placed together.

Tools needed!
Any extra paper (I’m using post-it) and a makeup sponge.

The sponge is available in most departmental stores and is super cheap cos they always come in a packet.

To do this:
1. Apply base coat and wait for a few mins for it to dry. (I ran out of it so I skipped it)
2. Apply a nude nail polish all over the nails.
3. Dab an amount of first gold nail polish on the paper.
4. Use one edge of the sponge (with the gold nail polish) and lightly dab the gold nail polish and to half of the nails.
5. Work your way from the bottom to the top so that the top would appear more faint.
7. Dab the next gold nail polish on the paper and repeat step 4, covering the tip of the nails almost like french tip.
8. Apply top coat as per normal and you’re done!

Beautiful Golden Gradient Nails.

I will try this again using different nail colours next time!


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