My 2011 in a glance

2011 has been hmmm…..


I kinda accepted that 2011 will be gone soon but I will never forget how fast it started and how fast the days gone by. It’s as if I’m still living in 2010 initially. 2012 will be better to adapt I guess?

Changes in 2011
Definitely hairstyle! My perms were half gone by the time I decided to get a cut to somewhere above the chest length. On good days, I survived with rollers to get my curls back and on bad days, I just leave it hanging. Messy and dry. Then during mid year, I decided I need a change again! So I went for soft-rebonding and got my hair cut right on the shoulder. In between I had my dark blonde hair with highlights dyed back to black using Liese and now dark red which I’m loving it!

2011 has been a total mad rush. Everyday I have tons of readings to read and everyday I’m struggling to survive. On the whole, I think it wasn’t too good but it wasn’t that bad.

I also had a few opportunities but due to many reasons I’m unable to catch it! But now I’m good. Managed to get one.Β  πŸ™‚

It was FUN I’d say? First was Prawn’s 21st, then it was the Batam Trip. We’ve also been to many eateries like Ma Maison, Kuinshinbo, Dim Joy(closed down already) Empire State, Old changi airport, AMK etc … Celebrated our V day picnicking under the stars and enjoying the wind (plus bugs). Celebrated my birthday at Playnation. And I got my first xmas gift from him! I talked less about him on my blog now due to the fact that I want some privacy. πŸ™‚

Damm cool! Had so many reviews done in a year’s time and I’m really thankful for all the sponsors especially THESAMPLESTORE. My blog was also one of the ten finalist for Omy blog award!! I never started blogging because I wanted these but I guess these are perks that keeps me going this far!! But sometimes I think my blog lacks emotion so this will be something I’d like to work on in 2012. πŸ™‚ This is not just a typical beauty blog. This is something more. I’m going to be very selective next year so that I do not have tons of reviews in blog. I think I’m gonna stop vlogging cos it is too tedious. 😑

Towards the later part of the year, girlfriends and I didn’t have much time for each other. So hopefully things can start changing for the better. We have decided to stop gifting each other on birthdays but rather just spending time with each other on that very special occasion. Our friendship has definitely gone up a little!

That’s my 2011 for you.
I’m not gonna make any new year resolution


4 thoughts on “My 2011 in a glance

  1. Hi, may I know how much u bought ur curler and how long does it take to arrive? And what the difference between curler with clips and without clips? Thank

    1. I think around $40 plus including shipping. Easier to use a curler with clips, good for beginners. Without clips, it may be difficult to control as u gotta use ur hands to wrap the hair around the curler. And if u are not careful u may burn urself. πŸ™‚

  2. is ur current curler easy to curl as in like u curl one time can alr or need to curl a few times to have the outcome? how long u take to hold so that it will have the curl effec, 5min? 3min?

    1. Yup. Curl one time is enough. I hold it there for 10 to 15 sec. Bottom layer 10 sec and the layer on top 15 sec.
      Don’t hold for too long cos high heat will burn ur hair! And do remember to put some heat protectant before using.

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