A day trip to Sentosa!

A trip to Sentosa all thanks to Prawn’s free tickets which include cable car rides + 2 4D shows. Went along with Prawn’s sister and mummy.

Prawn’s so cuddly like a teddy bear. me like.
And look at the vast sea …PRETTY!!

So if you ask me, no I wouldn’t want to pay for the cable car rides myself. For free? Yes. But if I need to pay no. Unless the views we had is going to be FANTASTICALLY AMAZING which is not at the moment.

Where you sit on a stimulator chair that stimulates horse riding and hold a gun to start firing! The number one shooter will be screened big on the screen. Prawn was the number one shooter! HAHA! For the second round, I was the number 6 shooter!

Is like sitting through a roller coaster ride with the 3D screen and the moving chair. Quite exciting! I love this!

Eh eh eh ..what’s with that look?

Off for a nature trail next …

Love the peek of the sun ray.

I love what I wore. ^-^
Thanks to Prawn for fixing my Gregory bag. It’s like brand new again.

Took a cable car back to Vivo and the rain came! We’re so lucky!!
It’s a fun day out which ended with shopping at Vivo + chicken rice at Katong. Damm love the chicken rice there.
After which, Prawn and I stayed at Starbucks to chill while his sis and mum went home.


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