Check out what’s in my bag!

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Hello!! Here’s my first Xmas Present from Prawn!!

A Charles and Keith handbag!! Love the unique colour.

Most people I know of don’t like to carry such small bag cos they have a lot to bring out!!
So check out what I stuff my bag with.

1.Water bottle (foldable)
2. Iphone
3. Wristlet
4. Umbrella
5. Tissue papers
6. Lipstick

The trick is to pack everything small and light! Even my water bottle is foldable!!

And now, I can also include a small beauty device into my bag!

This is an advanced acne clearing device that uses blue light to clear or fade acne blemishes within 24 hours.

  • Eliminates acne bacteria
  • Helps prevent future breakouts
  • For all skin types & tones
  • Starts clearing blemishes immediately

Size comparison to an Iphone. It’s small and sleek.

How to use Tanda Zap:
Step 1: Make sure the blemish area is clean and dry.
Step 2: Press the orange power button. The device will vibrate and the bacteria killing blue light will illuminate.
Step 3: Lightly place the Tanda Zap Device over your blemish until vibration stops (2 mins).
Repeat 2 to 3 times daily.

The LED bulbs that produces the blue light.

This blue light works by producing oxygen singlets which attach to the acne causing bacteria. These singlets have a phototoxic effect on key porphorins, causing the bacteria to self-destruct.

Operated with 3 AAA batteries.

There will be 2 min vibration and a gentle warming effect.
The vibration increases micro circulation to reduce swelling and inflammation while agitating the skin to expose more of the bacteria to the light.
The gentle warming produced by the light energy open pores and allows the light to reach more bacteria.

I tried it on my pimple!

Sorry for the blurness! But anw you can still see that the pimple in the first picture is huge and swelling but after one time usage of the device, the pimple became less inflamed. With a few days of usage, the pimple is gone!

Check out another pimple!
Verdict is this device does work!

The only problem I have with this device is that it is small and not able to cover a large surface area. So it is good for people who only have one or two pimples to zap but if you have pimples all over, you are likely to be frustrated as you need to repeat the steps many times to cover the whole face.

Also, this device life is a total of 1000 treatments which means after 1000 treatments, you’ll have to get a new one.

Even though this device claims that it will not dry the skin but I still experience slight dryness when using it. I guess I love it as an emergency kit and as a prevention measure.

Price: $98
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