Blind Testing 3: BB Creams

Blind Testing

Wishtrend just sent me another package!
This time the blind test is about BB creams.

BB creams are light foundation that are said to have numerous skin benefits.
They provide coverage while being beneficial to the skin.

So yup, A B C D E BB cream!
As usual, I’ve no idea which is which.

The first BB cream I tested out was A BB cream and it also happened to be my favourite one out of the whole lot!

The colour blends into my skin without looking too pale, too yellow, too grey or too pink. The texture is great and easy to blend. This BB cream also contains light fragrance which is kinda refreshing!

Now, moving onto the COVERAGE TEST!

Swatches of K Palette Brown eyeliner to mimic moles and dark freckles.

BB Cream D has the most coverage! The eyeliner cannot be seen totally!
But I dislike D cos the colour of this cream is TOO PALE AND YELLOW.
Plus the texture made it hard to blend out.

My favourite A gives decent coverage I’d say.

So yup, update you again on the results. 🙂


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