My Xmas Celebrations

In Daddy’s car on the way to Uncle’s church wedding. : )
Oh yes, I’m wearing my new Air Optix Lens!!

Joanne Babe and me.
Her FB friend kept commenting that we looked alike! lol.
Cousins ma

Daddy and me.

After an early morning, went back home to change my heels into flats and off to Holland Village to meet Flowers!

Everything with Fries.

My king salmon with Curry Fries.

This salmon IS DAMM GOOD. You gotta try this.
The outer layer is so crispy.
As for the fries, it’s nice but nothing special.

Oh yes and Santa Claus gave us 2 free main course. ^^
The girls will know what I’m talking about.

Dessert at NYDC.

Gift Exchange TIME!

Ling got a bath set from me, ROSE SCENT!!!
I super love it. It smells so nice and I thought I would give a set to her to enjoy bathing time.

AND HAHA, one of them didn’t get any gift yet cos Yue Lian wasn’t here to join us today. Gotta wait for school reopen then.

Me with my leopard print hope girl lip gloss from Hui Mei!!
And there’s LIGHT!! So damm cool!

Super love Holland Village at night.

Spent my Xmas Eve with Prawn
(PS: Loving my new spec. Black frame for the first time)

Feeling so tired and sick from the night before.
But Prawn is there, so made everything okay. ^^
I came back home feeling sick and having slight flu though.
But I popped panadol and woke up fine.

Christmas to me isn’t about any religion, it’s about love, care and friendship.
It’s about ending the year with good warm fuzzy feelings.
Hope you have a great Xmas.


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