December outing with the girls

December outing with my girlfriends!
There are twelve days of Christmas right? So technically speaking, it isn’t belated. : )

Went shopping with my girls. It’s been a long long while since we were able to do that. It was previously always dinner together. It’s good to be shopping together so you still get an idea what your friends like now. ^^

Settled down at a Jap rest at Ion for dinner. Hungry ….

Nom nom nom …
The food was quite good! But what matter was the girls’ company.

Xmas gift exchange was next.
I always love this part!! HAHA! It’s so nice to see what your friends will pick for you! And best of all, everyone returns home with something.

Hui Shan was the lucky person who got my present! (The Pink Box)
I gave her Liese Cocktail and a beautiful necklace.

Oh and guess what?! I got the present from HUI SHAN TOO!! hahaha!
In a pink box too! This is a beautiful hand-made crystal angel. Can be used as a key chain or as a necklace. I love it.

Cards from the girls.

Love cards as always.

Cards and gifts from me. : )

We talked about next year. And we decided to make cards/buy cards to replace presents for birthdays. We wanted to make birthdays more meaningful for everyone. The thought sounds good and the first one begins on January. ^-^
Looking forward!


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