New favourite sleeping mask!

I love the skincare/makeup gurus from Taiwan!!
This also explains why I buy the products they introduce or created.
They have too much influence on me.

Recently my skin has been dehydrated. My makeup doesn’t adhere to the skin that well and I see little fine lines on areas which are dry. I attributed to the fact that I’ve not been drinking enough water (since it’s the holiday and I do not necessarily bring a full bottle of water out) plus the windy cold weather recently.

As I’ve mentioned before, dehydrated skin is skin condition that is lacking of water but not lacking of sebum. When skin is dehydrated, you may find oil secretion more than usual and skin turns dull pretty fast.

Skincare is not about what other people use. It’s about LISTENING TO YOUR SKIN’S NEEDS. If your skin needs water, give it water! If your skin has acne, find out why and treat the condition.

Sad to say, I have many issues with my skin. Dehydrated, blackheads, outbreaks, and pigmentation problem.

Today I’m introducing a sleeping mask which I LOVE SO MUCH!
It’s NARUKO (Skincare brand from famous Niu Er) Night Gelly. AND yes, GELLY not JELLY. lol.

Naruko Narcissus Total Defense Night Gelly

This new formulated night gelly works ideally as an overnight mask. Using the narcissus bulb extract and the patented Phytoferulin® complex provides the skin with hydration and anti-oxidants and enhances the skin’s natural self-defense and self-repairing system. Skin will look replenished with moisture and radiance.

Packaging is EXCELLENT. Even the box can be used to create into name card holders or other type of holders. Very environmental-friendly.

Texture is jelly-like and I always use it after my moisturizer. I applied and massage it till it is 3/4 absorbed into my skin and leave it there for awhile. When it is fully absorbed, I go to bed. No need to worry about staining my pillow with this sleeping mask. This is one of the best sleeping mask I’ve ever tried.

Very long ingredient list.

Whenever I use this product, I’d wake up with super hydrated skin with smaller pores and lesser fine lines. Skin also look more radiant than usual.  I can see the difference when I’m not using it.

Because this product gives me such promising result, I decided to purchase two more items from Naruko. Will update again once I’ve received the items. : )


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