My LOTD to Prawn’s Birthday Celebration

Hi Dearies, this is my LOTD to Prawn’s birthday celebration part 1.
Decided to go for a more elegant look and I think I can slowly rock this type of look already!

A green dress which I bought from FEP. Comes together with a green tie around the waist. It’s nice being fair cos I look good in many colours!

That’s a warm kiss for me. Hehe.
More on Prawn’s birthday next time! I still have Part 2 celebration to go! 😀

Oh ….. and here’s some good deals to welcome the new year!

New Skin79 Vital Orange BB cream in loud cherry orange bottle is now available at Watsons.

This BB Cream is climbing up fast on the charts of Skin79’s best sellers. Armed with SPF50+ PA+++ and fortified with 5 skin-enriching vitamins, it offers a one-step quick-fix for a total of ten beauty grouses. It superbly fends off UV damage, improves wrinkles, whitens, nourishes skin, hydrates, builds resilience, protects skin against pollution, controls sebum, and acts as a makeup base and foundation.


From 29 Dec to 29 Feb, every Skin79 Vital BB cream comes with a pack of exclusive Skin79 Red Packets. Also, simply purchase the Skin79 Vital BB Cream and look for the golden ticket to win:

A full year supply of Skin79 products worth more than $500


A full year supply of Skin79 BB creams
worth more than $100

I can’t wait to try this when it arrives in my mailbox. Thank you Skin79!

Next, check out Big Deal for more Korean beauty deals carried by Wishtrend (The company which I did the blind testing). I am particularly interested with their Pore Minimizing Pack + Moisture Peeling Massage deal as I’ve tried the Pore Minimizing Pack once and LOVE IT.

Thanks for reading dearies!


10 thoughts on “My LOTD to Prawn’s Birthday Celebration

  1. Woah… I’m tempted to try the Jeju volcanic pore clay mask… wonder whether is it as good as innisfree’s pore clay mask… But have never heard of ciracle before….

    1. I’ve been using Ciracle clay mask for awhile now and I’m surprised! It’s really good! I was skeptical at first cos i didnt hear of the brand before. But i think it’s nice!

      1. Wah!! Then which would you recommend more? the jeju volcanic mask or the pore minimizing mask?? I am tempted to get both but I do not want the other product that comes with it… and need to do some budgeting…. haha!!

      2. I understand. haha! For the jeju volcanic mask I’m using it on a regular basis. I love the mask but for pore minimizing effect, I think the pore minimizing mask does it better than the jeju one though I’ve only tried it once.

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