First post in year 2012!

I started writing this post last year but can only get this published this year. HAHAHA!

2010的NYE和姵伶一起过,2011的NYE和君一起过 。。。

Theme for today was Christmas! lol. Still in the festive mood so I decided to go for GREEN EYESHADOW! It’s the first time I applied green and I’m loving it!

Eyeshadow – Maybelline Mascara – Maybelline hello kitty. Eyeliner – K palatte.
Maybelline’s products were from the giveaway which I won from Jermaine’s blog!

And …. Jun also had green eyeshadow on!! Such a coincidence! ^^

Started off with a simple lunch at Xin Wang HK cafe…

Started roaming around Orchard before we headed to Holland Village for a stroll and dinner!

Dinner is at Crystal Jade. Yumss!

We both walked into Sasa and ended up with Clarins sunblock home cos it’s so mega cheap after plenty of discount! The Clarins sunblock looks awesome! Can’t wait to try it.

Went to Clementi Mall next and got my new year (I meant Chinese New Year) nail polishes from TFS before settling down for a drink at the Toast Box.

This toast box is dammmmm PRETTY and vintage looking!

I’m glad to spend this special day with a special friend yet again, chatting non-stop for 9 hours!! How crazy!

In the year 2012, I hope to be a better friend, better lover, and a better me.
I wish for better health and a peaceful world to live in.
I wish for everyone around me to be happy.

Have a great year.


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