Brush guards

Some time last year I won a pack of these brush guards from Felicia Neo’s giveaway. Brush guards help to maintain the brushes in their correct shape/form after washing them. They are expandable so it’s good for all sizes of brushes.

These are typically all the brushes that I use. Powder, foundation, concealer and eyeshadow brushes.

These mesh like material provides ventilation for drying as well!

I really love these brush guards and washing brushes regularly is one of the resolution I made for myself. Hopefully I don’t get lazy along the way. :p

And no, I’m sorry I’ve no idea where to get these brush guards.


6 thoughts on “Brush guards

  1. i was like :omg this is what i need! and then i saw your last sentences saying that you dont know where to find them TT Still thanks for sharing , at least i can dream about them now 🙂

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