A Gift from Loreal Paris

So a brand new year is here, have you already decided to buy a new set of skincare products because the ones that you’ve been using all along ain’t giving you the same results anymore?

Well, before you spend another hundred bucks buying a new range of skincare, look what Loreal Paris has for us!

I was pleasantly greeted by a Loreal Package this morning! It’s a New Year gift for me. ^^

Yup! Loreal’s newly launched product – Youth Code Boosting Essence is the main gift in this package.

The key ingredients are:

Pro-Gen™ Technology, or Biolysat (a product of fermented Bifidus bacterial) that increases the expression of recovery genes involved in cellular renewal.

Adenosine, long known to be a constitutive component of DNA, which slows the effects of ageing in skin.

HEPES (Hydroxy Ethyl Piperazine Ethane Sulfonic acid) which has a pro-exfoliating action, which improves absorption of active ingredients.

Using this essence before your treatment and/or moisturizer can double the effectiveness of your skincare products. You can pair this with any anti-ageing, whitening or hydrating product.

With prolonged usage, you can improve your skin’s texture and regain youthfulness and radiance of the skin.

The material of this essence is in a 30ml glass bottle which is real sturdy! I like this kinda of packaging.

Wooo! Yummy sweets with the word Youth Code.

And I’m quite happy and surprise to receive Hebe’s latest Love Album too!!
I love Hebe and her songs! ❤

Do check out Youth Code Boosting Essence today!


3 thoughts on “A Gift from Loreal Paris

  1. i want to ask how do you earn from your blog? i have a blog too and i want to get freebies and earn money from my blog as well. Got any tips?

    1. Hi chery i don’t earn much from blogging and neither do I blog for freebies. I don’t go around looking for sponsorships. It’s usually them who engaged me to write for them. And i do make very selective choices into what i write. I guess it might help to participate in blogging contests for a start?

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