A day tour to Johor Premium Factory Outlets

So on the last day of my holiday, I had went for a short day tour trip to Johor Premium Factory Outlets with Prawn! My first sponsored trip albeit it’s a short one! I was quite curious to know if there’s a chance for me to do my last retail therapy before the commencement of a new semester!

So wet set off at 10.30am by a 40 seater classic coach together with the rest of the Singaporeans.

That’s tired Prawn and me on the coach. He didn’t sleep last night due to night shift work. Poor guy.

The journey was relatively fast and I think it takes about 15 to 20 mins to get to Johor Premium Factory Oulet from the Malaysia Custom!

We had our lunch at a local restaurant!

The dishes we had!
Food was good and I think this meal is probably one of the highlights of the tour. :p
I’m so missing the prawns and the bui ba.

After a satisfying meal, we then headed back to the coach and made our way to the shopping destination!

According to the tour guide, the mall is designed in a way to be a garden in the city. Err ….. isn’t that so Singapore?

Open concept and I dread this cos it was raining the whole day and we had to keep using our umbrellas!!

For those who are keen on making this trip by yourself, you can take a shuttle bus from Sentosa.

I can see that Prawn is looking very sleepy. hahaha! Thanks for accompanying me for this trip anway!

The first thing you need to do is to get a map! This map shows you where the stores are …

And what are the stores ….


Frankly speaking, I’m not recommending shopping here UNLESS you are feeling rich and wish to get one or two branded items.

1. The discounts here aren’t fantastic. There is really not much difference from the pricing in Singapore so it’s not worth the effort to go shopping here.
2. Limited designs. This is the first time I shopped without seeing anything I fancy. The designs they have are outdated and they don’t carry much of the popular items.
3. This place is tooo on its own. So meaning, after you are done with shopping, you have nothing much to do. No movies to watch, no arcades to play, no KTV to sing, no minimart too!  You can go for some food there but the price is on the high side.

Was quite happy when I saw Charles and Keith but …

Really nothing I fancy there.

The Body Shop!

Thought I could get one or two miniature fragrances there as I’m using Dreams perfume right now and I’m loving it!

But don’t have leh?! They don’t carry it in this store. ZzZzZz

Wanted to get some sports wear from Adidas or Nike…
But not much selections!

We both got so tired from the fruitless shopping that we went to chill at Starbucks. Thank god there’s a starbucks there.

But the wireless there doesn’t seem to work so we can’t surf the net.

After the break, we went to shop since there was NOTHING else to do.
And yes, applaud!! FINALLY gotten some lingerie at La Senza.

Actually the selection there was limited tooo! The design I like and bought is only available in one colour. Very sianzationalism.

One more picture of me and my only buy of the day! lol.

Another highlight of our day is DINNER! Absolute thai.

Oooooo…this tom yum soup is like GOOOOOOOD!

At least we had a good dinner to compensate for the lousy shopping.

Before leaving Johor Premium Factory Outlet!

HAHAHAHA Prawn fell asleep on the coach. I bet he doesn’t know the existence of this picture. :p

**This is a sponsored trip**


3 thoughts on “A day tour to Johor Premium Factory Outlets

  1. すべてのすべてでは、プラダを示した、大さまざまなバックパック様式間違いなくいずれかに合わせて方向この今後時間。ファッショニスタが興奮してと、春と夏コレクションヒットオンラインストア棚!

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