Perfumes for others or self?

These are the fragrances I use at the moment and they are all of a mixture of floral and fruity scents. I love putting on fragrances as it always seem to lift up my mood. The scent also will affect how I feel about myself for the whole day. Like if I apply my Victoria Secret’s Super Model, I feel glamorous and sexy, fun and quirky if I apply DKNY Be delicious, sweet and girly if I apply Anna Sui Forbidden Affair and feminine if I apply The Body Shop’s dreams unlimited.

That said, applying perfume to me is more of a self-enjoyment and I’ve never expect anyone to comment on my scent (maybe except bf since he’s going to lean closer to me and be able to smell the scent and he’s usually the one who comment on my scent). That said, I do feel good when I know people can get a slight hint of my scent whenever I lean closer to them.

I do know there are people who apply perfume for the sake of letting others to smell them. But as far as I know, if people is able to smell your perfume when you only walked past, it’s too much. People should only be able to smell when you lean closer or moved your hands or sweep your hair.

Fragrances are very personal and what’s nice smelling to you may not be nice smelling to them. I always tend to worry about my scent being too heavy whenever I take the squeezy train in the morning. That’s because I will be sooo close to people and it’s the time when I just applied the perfume so the scent is stronger.

What about you? Do you apply perfume for others or for self?

Anyway, here’s some tips when it comes to applying perfume.

1) Always apply on the pulse points (wrists, inside the elbows, behind the ear, behind the knee and ankle as scent travels upwards). You don’t have to apply on all the pulse points just choose some to apply on. Don’t waste that expensive liquid.
2) Fragrances last longer on moisturized skin, so apply body lotion of the same scent.
3) Layer your scent from the shower gels to the body lotion of the same scent.
4) You can bring a miniature fragrance out to reapply after 4 or 5 hours (if using EDP). But if you are afraid of the scent being too strong, you can carry the body lotion of the same scent with you and reapply the body lotion instead.
5) Your nose always get immune to the scent after awhile so do check with your friends to see if there’s a need to reapply your perfume.

So I hope you find your best scent and have fun with it! ^^


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