Tips for CNY part 1

Hello everybody!!
Chinese New Year is around the corner! Are you prepared for it? ^^

This week, I’m going to give some tips or introduce some products which you can prepare yourself to look your best for the upcoming Chinese New Year!

Now you are left with about 1 week before Chinese New year. There is no time to exercise for a slimmer body neither do I encourage you to skip meals or you will find yourself FATTER after CNY period.

So the best way is to use slimming creams! Please do not depend on it to lose weight but rather it helps to reduce water retention and helps to tone the body. 2B alternative for arms and body and 2B alternative for face is my great choice in toning my flabby tummy, arms and chubby cheeks.

Go for a facial to get rid of your clogged pores and pus. You still have some time to get a facial! Combine your facial with the usage of LED lights and you’ll get radiant, clear skin! I was sponsored Baby Quasar Blue LED lights which targets to treat mild acne. So far I really like the equipment for it’s professional look and it being non-battery operated. As I’ve only just began using it, I’ve yet to see any improvements but I’ll continue to observe and do a detailed review soon!

Instead of buying a new set of skincare products, why not just add on Loreal Youth Code boosting essence? This product can double the effect of your regular skincare products. After using this serum for awhile now, I find that it makes my serum works better! Applying this serum alone also makes my skin brighter. I think this is a cheaper deal compared to Lancome but effective at the same time.

Don’t go for dramatic hair colour or hair cut now. You won’t have time to rectify it if it turns out to be a disaster. Having said that, you should still get rid of that ugly hair roots and split ends! If you don’t want to spend a bomb in the salon right now, go for DIY hair jobs. Liese bubble hair colour is fun and easy to use although the colours pretty much turns out to be the same after awhile. BUT, it’s still better than having 2 tone hair.

More tips coming up! So stay tune! ^-^ gong xi gong xi!


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